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Blue Mountain Coffee 8oz

Blue Mountain Coffee 8oz

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Famous for its exquisite balance of aroma, body, and acidity, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is widely considered the world's finest. Every cup has a bright, delicate acidity that harmoniously pairs with a gentle, velvety body. This combination creates a softly penetrating and sweet aroma with notes of floral, spicy and citric undertones that has the presence of cocoa in it's aftertaste. This Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is certified by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authorities (JACRA) as 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Roasted in small batches for maximum freshness, this bag contains ground beans, medium roasted. Usually best consumed with a French Press, regular coffee pot maker, and/or coffee pour-overs.


Blue Mountains, Jamaica


+/- 3000 feet ASL

Date Established:



Arabica Typica



Cupping Notes:

Honey, Floral, Creamy Hazelnut, Soft, Well Balanced

Acidity Level:

Low to medium



Recommended Brew:

Pour Over, French Press, Filter